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Update aPs™ X - Next Generation MMD

Release : August 20th 2017
important note :
Install included fonts in this rar for optimal appearance

features :
• Modem Information with pictures for modem's type
• ISP logo ( different on 3G and 4G network )
  i added logo from indonesia and kenyan isp
• Cencored IMEI - LAC - Cell nID Number
  double-click on the labael to hide or show
• Current Data and Total Data used
• Graffic for Upload and Download
• Upload and Unduh QOS
  on 4G LTE network , sometimes only will detected 0 0 on QOS
  right-click on upload or unduh QOS number to refresh QOS
• Enabled to change Port directly ( for multi modem )
  Right-click on list device box to show menu

• Advanced IP Hunting mode
  Specific IP
  Ping Reply
• Reconnect base on : Time - Data - Ping Reply - Connection Status
• Total Session - Duration
• Create or delete Profile Modem
• Loncat Kodok ( experimental )
• recommend set network to 3G Preffered or 4G Preffered for best way to detecting QOS

• USSD option will adapt from ISP
  e.g : for XL isp will only display USSD option from XL
• can set repeated USSD sending
• automatic detect for PDU or non PDU mode
• new indicator for incoming text message

• added multicolor on response memo
  install 2 fonts included in this rar for optimal appearance
• tweak TCP tool
• you can add manually ping target , and tool will save it automatically
  to delete ping target , just right-click on drop-down arrow on the ping host box.
• Tab for tes your modem's AT Command

aPs™ X - Next Generation MMD      Download Here

this tool may not work on every modem , specially hilink type.
tested fully function on E3372 and K5005
if there are bugs/errors , please contact